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About Us

We are confident in every task we undertake because we have over 8 years of experience. We are prepared for any type of towing as well as our valued clients who demand quality work done correctly.

We have an advantage over competing companies because we offer cutting-edge vehicles loaded with technology that don’t share these qualities or care as much about meeting the needs of their customers (or more). So if you want good service at reasonable prices, call Courtney Towing Company.

Our Services

We are a reliable towing company that can assist you with any task regardless of its weight, size, or position. We can get you out of any situation quickly and affordably thanks to our extensive fleet of contemporary towing and recovery vehicles.

Customers' Testimonials

In addition to growing as a business, our vision involves improving lives by guaranteeing that our customers reach the location to which they requested to be towed. We respect your viewpoint because we believe it will improve our business.

towing customers in Lockheart, Texas

“These guys will be my forever tow truck, affordable and they are quick to respond!”

Jake Woods

customer testimonials

“This company excelled. Due to their excellent reputation, I called them, and it made total sense. They were extremely polite, quick, and responsive.”

Natasha Moore

towing customer in Lockheart, Texas

“Excellent service! I called them to tow me, and they arrived promptly with everything needed to tow my car properly. Many thanks guys!

Curtis Dawson

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No need to be concerned about being towed; simply contact Courtney Towing Company and let our expert technicians handle everything. 

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